Shunting Pliers 85-0018

$ 70.00


When E-Coats, primers, adhesives and other non-conductive coatings are present and squeeze-type resistance spot welding (STRSW) is required, successful welds can be made using Pro Spot Shunting Pliers.

Superior engineering helps improve current flow that allows maximum resistance to be created when starting a series of spot welds.

Easy To Use - remove the coating from the outside surface that is to be welded, connect Pro Spot Shunting Pliers to both sides of the bare metal, and adjacent to the first weld site to start welding. Pro Spot Shunting Plier quickly flows the current from one side to the other.

Better Connectivity Through Better Engineering - unlike other shunting pliers, Pro Spot Shunting Plier utilizes a conductive through washer to connect the copper wire and the electrodes. This prevents damage and diminished current flow over time.

Key Features:

• Insulated 4 Gauge Heavy Duty Welding Cable
• Copper Electrodes for Maximum Conductivity
• Maximum Amps = 145
• Adjustable opening up to 4” (10.5 cm)
• Lockable Handle
• Through Washer Protection - Increases Longevity