HSW-200 - Hot Staple Welder

$ 598.00

Provides flexible yet structural repair by welding the metal staple into the plastic surface.

  • Bumper Repair
  • Headlight Assembly Repair
  • Welds Broken Plastic Tabs
  • Other General Plastic Repair

Easy to Use
Plug the HSW-200 into any outlet between 110v - 240v, the voltage is detected and adapted automatically. Once the staple welder is plugged in, switch it on and it’s ready to repair a variety of plastic parts.

The HSW-200 is designed for flexibility. For easy access to hard-to-reach areas there are 3 positions available. A must-have feature!

The HSW-200 Comes Standard With:

  • Plastic carrying case
  • HSW-200 plastic staple gun attached to the 12v power supply with a 3’ cable.
  • 10’ long power cord
  • A 50 pack of the V-style, W-style, S-style, and Z-style staples.